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~The field~
Updated 25 minutes ago · Taken in Beechgrove, Tennessee
Now these are some old pictures, but I thought I’d share. I live on some land between Beechgrove and Manchester TN. There is an area I like to call the field where lots of paranormal “things” are seen, felt and heard. And I feel in this case captured. I have an entity that goes with me on walks through this area sometimes ( I feel him) On one of these walks one day I asked him to please take a picture with me so maybe I could see what he looks like 😉 and these are two of the shots taken with my Verizon Commando phone one after the other. In the first you will notice the blurred area next to me and in the next notice the blurred area has moved as if walking away…Thank you Mr. for taken your picture with me ♥♥♥


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