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Shocking practice: Soring to Create an Exaggerated Walk “Big Lick” An unspeakable Cruelty towards Horses!



Soring is a cruel practice. It is done on a horse breed known for their amazing gait and beauty: the Tennessee Walking Horse.Soring is when an intentional pain is inflicted upon the horse’s feet and legs to create an exaggerated walk that TWH’s are known for: the “Big Lick”. This is a form of unspeakable cruelty towards horses.



DanDee Shots, Milton Horse Show

Tennessee Walking Horse in competition

The official state horse of Tennessee is the Tennessee Walking Horse. The breed is well known for its pleasant disposition, willing nature and distinctive flashy gait. They are also huge crowd pleasers in the show ring, where judges reward those with the best signature step.

Spectators watching Tennessee Walking Horses (TWHs) compete may think the breed is pampered and humanely cared for. However, there is a dark cloud hanging over the heads of many of these gorgeous equines.

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