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Grid laser light set up @ private location

Video made of a laser grid set up @ a private location that has reported paranormal activity.
Due to our privacy policy we can not release any information as to the where about of this said location. We did get the verbal consent to share the video. The camera was constantly trying to adjust because there was really not enough light, but it was able to keep focus in the middle of the room. What you are looking at is a location at the top of a set of stairs facing two small rooms, the red area is glare on a high gloss wood floor, but you really can see where the floor ends and the walls begin @ 1:47 mins in I am walking into the room to place two trigger objects @ 2:23 mins in I will leave and no one ever returns to the area during the rest of the video. Please watch it in its entirety, I know it is long but well worth it 😉 After watching the video we have done everything possible to recreate what you will see and much to our efforts we cannot. And no the grid was not suffering from low batteries and neither was the camera. Thank you, please enjoy. Also the audio has contamination out the wazoo our apologies and at 14 minutes or so there is a txt sound.


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