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Tullahoma TN

Concord Cemetery

Located in the outskirts of Tullahoma, Concord Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Coffee County. It is also home to one of the county’s old ghosts.

There seems to be some controversy over the nature of the haunting. Everyone seems to agree that the ghost of Sadie Baker. No one seems to know who she was in life. She may have been a grown woman, or she may have died as a child. Today, online a simple stone bearing her name rests on what is thought to be her grave. No dates or any further information are on it. At one time, it was considered a test of bravery and manhood for area kids to steal her gravestone. Hopefully, that has stopped, because desecrating a grave is a very bad offense which no one should commit.

Some say that the mysterious Sadie Baker was a witch in life, others say she died as a small child. There appear to be at least two apparitions seen in the cemetery, both of which are credited as being Sadie. One is that of a young child, who can be seen playing on the ground. The other is that of an adult woman moving around in the cemetery late at night.

Perhaps there is more than one ghost haunting Concord Cemetery. Most people don’t want to go there after dark and find out!




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