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Todays Haunt goes to ..:drum roll:..The Devil’s Tower


The Devil’s Tower – Alpine, New Jersey

picture of devil's tower According to the Alpine Historical Society, the Devils Tower, in the town of Alpine, New Jersey, was the highlight of an estate owned by Manuel Rionda, built in the 1900s. It was called Rio Vista and it was the biggest one on the Palisades, with a mansion on the cliffs where the present-day Alpine Lookout is located.

close-up picture of devil's tower After his death in 1943, the estate was subdivided and was mostly woodlands through the 1970s. Many legends come from the tower, legends of satanists, marital infidelity, suicide, and conjuring ghosts. It is said that attempts to tear it down led to the deaths of some of the work crew. Another legend says that if you drive your car around the tower in reverse, the ghost of a lady appears. Also if you walk around it six times backwards at midnight, the devil will appear. Eventually the tower was sealed up because of break-ins.



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