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Haunt for tuesday June 11, 2013 goes to ::drum roll::

Hardtner – Auchenbach

In the 1st floor men’s room it is always 15 to 20 degrees cooler the rest of the building and you feel as if you are being watched.

In the basement there is the old morgue and you can see bloody footprints on the floor, walls and ceiling. On the 3rd floor you will here a toilet flush with no one in the bathroom and the elevator runs up and down on it’s own. You can also see the ghost of Charlie Auchenba. There are a number of cold spots and areas where you feel as though you are being watched. You can also see the shadow of a person standing on the ledge in several of the rooms on 3rd floor. I would warn people about going there now cause it was sold and the guy that owns it WILL call the cops on you if you are caught trespassing. However, if you can get permission to check it out it is well worth it.

*** I would like to add that whom ever posted this description must be a little out of it as it is entirely inaccurate. I was here recently on a photo excursion (see photos below) and there is not running water there for no flushing toilets, there is no morgue in the basement, no electricity therefor no running elevators, and I believe there’s no Charlie Auchenba, only a Jacob Auchenbach. On my visit nothing seemed haunted about this place, there were a few sounds caused by birds and other wildlife, but that is about it.



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