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Haunted Thursday goes to “Blacksburg Virginia”

Ghost photos from Blacksburg

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    While visiting my friend somewhere near Blacksburg I kept seeing the ghost of a cat. At least I believe it was a ghost. Just to inform you, this cat looked nothing like her cats or dogs. This was not just one cat shaped flash or a cat shadow, I could see this cat very clearly.
It was a tortoise shell cat with patches of bright white tabby. It was also vaguely transparent. I would see her sitting on the coffee table, walking across the floor, following
    us across the yard, watching us in the little playhouse.
I kept seeing her out of the corner of my eye, when I would look she would disappear. One time she was on the coffee table, I looked and she was gone. I looked away and

she reappeared, I turned and she disappeared. But I patted the place she had been, when I turned I saw her jump down and walk away.
Submitted by Crystal




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