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Ghosts and Haunted Places of Alberta

Are you a ghost chaser? If so, you could do worse that check out Alberta’s ghosts. There are tons of them here, and no matter which kind of ghosts you prefer, you’ll find something to your taste in Alberta’s spookiest locations.

Are you a big fan of ghostly murder scenes? If so, you could head to the Banff Springs Hotel where a family was supposedly murdered many years ago. Hotel guests report that the spirits of this family group have been seen all over the hotel. So much so, that management attempted to reduce the chance of their spirits escaping from the scene of their slaughter. They walled in the door to that unlucky room. However, people tend to notice that room 873 is missing, and ask about it. Then out comes the grisly tale, to the delight of all ardent ghost hunters. The part of the wall where the door once was leaves no doubt that an area has been enclosed there. Before it was walled in, the domestic staff reported that their efforts to remove a child’s fingerprints from that room met with the stubborn reappearance of those forensic identifiers over and over again. So, until some brave soul goes in there with a bottle of Windex and nerves of steel, we may never know whether or not this tale has any real foundation.

Banff Springs Hotel - One of Many Haunted Places in Alberta, Photo by MyklR, Flickr

Banff Springs Hotel – One of Many Haunted Places in Alberta, Photo by MyklR, Flickr

If those murder victims are too elusive for you, maybe you’d prefer Calgary’s Deane House. This house has been the scene of many murder mystery parties in the past. These were successful in that several guests reported seeing a man in the basement. He appeared to be Aboriginal, and local historians speculated it was Chief Deerfoot. Plexiglass may soon be installed at Deane house, as glass cabinets seem to shatter without any obvious reason. If you’re staying overnight there and want to encounter a ghost, try sleeping in the upstairs bedrooms. People have been reporting seeing ghosts there for many years. Maybe it’s time for another murder mystery party there. Only this time maybe a group of paranormal investigators could set up their half ton of equipment in the house to capture scientific evidence of ghosts. It’s unfortunate that such equipment seems to guarantee a ghost-free evening, punctuated by the occasional shrieks of Nervous Nellies falling over each other in the dark.

Of course, the obvious place to look for ghosts is around graveyards. And Alberta’s full of these haunted places, some of which feature both visual and acoustic effects. You won’t go far wrong in Drumheller. People have reported ghosts in the entire area of the city Graveyard, and for three kilometres around it.

If you drive out of Edmonton to Calling Lake School, you may feel your every move is being watched by unseen eyes. People have long believed that the school was built on an old Aboriginal burial ground. This has led to reports of the appearance of a ghostly visitor to the school library both in the dark of night and in broad daylight. You’d have to wonder what Bright Spark in the planning stages for the school, suggested such an unsuitable location.

An ancient battlefield turned graveyard in Cadotte Lake is the Peace River’s contribution to Alberta’s roster of other-worldly haunts. Again here, one apparently feels the sting of long-dead eyes upon the flesh. People see strange lights on the nearby lake, and find themselves ejected from the graveyard after dark by a tall shadowy shape. Floodlights might fix it!

But don’t be thinking that all of Alberta’s ghosts are to be found in old, broken down surroundings. Some of them even have the nerve to show up in those bastions of commercial enterprise—modern businesses.
There’s a Mark’s Work Warehouse on Macleod Trail South in Calgary where you might be witness to the daily tossing of objects across the store by unseen hands. Fortunately this doesn’t happen at peak retail times, so no harm done. However the bad smells in the store can often be encountered during the day. Some have likened this odor to that of wet dogs. Whew! Chills, eerie footsteps and odd shadows on the floor may hinder your concentration when trying to select your winter long johns.

Zellers in Forest Lawn is another unlikely place for tormented spirits. That’s where George, (a ghost) throws items off the shelves. His ghostly ears don’t seem to work as they once did, so he goes around turning up the volume on electrical appliances. He also favors the skirl of the bagpipes! It sounds like an experience not to be missed!

And finally for the younger generation, there’s a haunted mall in Grande Prairie. Here you may spot an old lady who apparently choked to death in the food court, and a less than handsome old fellow who stakes out the area near the mall offices at night.

Ghosts are always interesting and thought provoking. I wonder what they think of us when we go around searching for them in haunted places, then screech and high tail it out of there when we think we’ve found them. If they’re searching for us too, and then immediately disappear when they find us, what possible use is this popular mutual seeking each other out? Could it be an age old human need to seek out the unknown? Or is it a game played by ghosts bored to death by disembodiment? What do you think?

Alberta is a great place to hunt down ghosts if you enjoy the occasional goosebumpy experience. Why not do some investigating, if you’re tough enough? There are plenty of hanunted places throughout the province to keep you busy for a while.



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