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How about Hollywood, CA for today’s Haunt ;)

Haunted Hollywood

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Hollywoodland Sign, 1923. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Peg Entwistle. Park rangers and hikers have reported seeing a young, blonde woman dressed in old-fashioned clothing who vanishes when approached. [Photo Credit: LA Public Library Photo Collection] Hollywoodland Sign, 1923. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Peg Entwistle.


Haunted Houses, Mazes and Halloween Events for 2012 – Major Halloween events in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Halloween Events at Theme Parks – Events at major theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Aquarium of the Pacific and others. Updated for 2012.


Haunted Hollywood – by Evelyn Barge. Ghosts have always been a favorite topic in Hollywood, where horror films often produce huge box-office figures. But aside from the smoke-and-mirrors effects of movie studios, the city of Hollywood is purported to possess some real-life specters of its own. Follow the link to read about a sampling of Hollywood’s most-haunted hot spots and the legendary ghosts who inhabit them.

Haunted Hollywood Stories – A series of intriguing Holywood haunting stories by Troy Taylor: Haunted Hollywood! (The History of Tinseltown, First Scandals & the Fall of Fatty Arbuckle); Haunted Hollywood Sign; Haunts of the Sheik (Remnants of Valentino); Haunted Hollywood Movie Studios; The House in Laurel Canyon (Houdini’s Hollywood Haunt); Hollywood’s Haunted Hotels; Hot Toddy! (Hauntings of Thelma Todd); Ghosts of Harlow’s House; The Ghost of Superman (The Mysterious Death of George Reeves); Hollywood’s Favorite Gangster (Ghost of Bugsy Siegel); Hollywood’s Haunted Movie Theaters

Hollywood Ghosts and Haunted Houses – stories about ghosts and haunted places and in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Map of Haunted Los Angeles – A Google Map with markers at locations of hauntings and ghost sightings in Los Angeles.


Beneath Los Angeles – This website contains famous gravesite locations, as well as pictures of the graves.

Find a Grave – A comprehensive gravesite finder. This website contains gravesite locations, including GPS coordinates, as well as trivia about the famous person. To find the gravesite of a specific actor, use the Famous Grave Search. To view an alphabetical list of famous graves, first click “Browse by Location,” then choose “USA – California.” On the resulting page, change the pulldown menu on the right side to “Filter by fame level: Very Famous” To find where some famous animals, use the Famous Grave Search and search for: Animal Actor

Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Founded in 1899, it is the resting place of hundreds of Hollywood’s greatest stars. Recently refurbished to its original splendor, the cemetery attracts visitors from all over the world. On Saturday evenings during the summer, Cinespia shows classic films at the cemetery.

Hollywood Underground – This website is different than the others because it contains a list of locations, and tells you which actors and actresses are buried there. This is handy if you want to visit a certain location, rather than search for a particular celebrity.


Queen Mary Dining with the Spirits Tour – Following dinner, the group is led on an authentic ghost exploration to renowned “Paranormal Hot Spots” of the ship, not ordinarily accessible to the general public.

Starline Tours Haunted Hollywood Tour – Professional Hollywood tour that visits famous sites of celebrity murder, mystery, scandal, and death. Come join the many spirits that bedevil tinsel town on a star studded history tour of actual haunted places.




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