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To Unite or To Revolt

Death by association?

Paranormal Beacon

 Para Unity or Paranormal Unity- The act of uniting the paranormal community to reach a common goal and all teams working together like a well oiled machine.  

   Seems like a novel concept, other than the fact that everyone will be considered equal.  Some teams work themselves to the bone to try and  develop and test plausible theories as well as search tirelessly for that one piece of evidence of the paranormal that the most hardcore skeptics can’t deny. We work our butts of 24/7 building lasting relationships and credible reputations with our clients only for the fame and money hungry thrill seekers to destroy every ounce of credibility we, the truth seekers, have established. We are being represented by egotistical, over dramatic actors on television and at conventions. We have investigators performing exorcisms with their genitals and teams drinking alcohol while being accompanied by a reporter on an…

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