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VampyAnns video bite October 26, 2013 Ghost scares dogs on camera – YouTube

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DL_bIhVJi-k I can’t post a poll from my tablet, SO please leave me comments on here or Twitter! @VampyAnn



“VampyAnn’s Video Bites” October 12,2013 In dedicated to Robert Thomas, I miss you little man!

Notice the image that seems to quickly walk away as the gate opens….O.o….Real or?


” VampyAnns Video Bites For October 5th, 2013″

Zombie Survival Store Opens in Florida

No Faint Hearts in Fort Worth...


Zombie Survival Army/Navy Store recently opened in Orlando, FL. It sells typical Army/Navy store stuff — camouflage jackets, ammo boxes, etc. — but it also features a pretty broad selection of supplies to help you survive a zombie apocalypse, such as MRE’s and first aid kits.


Although if you get a wicked zombie bite, I’m not sure a Band-Aid will help. 

More usefully, they have a shit-ton of knives for sale.


Don’t think of it as a machete; think of it as a portable zombie guillotine. 

So when the zombie apocalypse comes, head to Orlando to stock up on supplies. And trust no one.


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Reader Submission: Restless Spirits

Ghosts and Ghouls


“This was a long time ago: October 1981. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. Paradise Cemetery on Florence Avenue. Around 1990, officials closed the cemetery down for a while because it was found out that they were stacking bodies on top of each other in the same grave and also selling body parts. People went to jail for that. I remember as  a child always seeing tractors digging, but I didn’t think nothing of it at the time.

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