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Fort Phantom Hill Investigation


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Very little still stands of the once abundant fort. However what we felt that night tells Southern Goddess that “other things” still remain. I haven’t found any evp evidence as of yet, however still going through audio. in a couple pics we did get clear orbs such as the one on the back of my daughter Alexis neck when she was asking questions with the voice recorder and at that same moment she did indicate that she thought her hair was being moved.


Ed and Loraine Warren

Ohio University

The Ridges
Ohio University Campus
Athens, Ohio

A old building found on the Ohio University Campus called the Ridges housed the criminally insane. It is believed the patients were beaten and tortured by staff members. The hospital closed in 1980. Before its closing a girl named Margaret Schilling disappeared from campus in 1979, and never found. On North Ward 20 a maintenance man found her body hidden in the attic after the hospital had already closed. The dark outline of her body with full details was cleaned and cleaned and would not come off the floor. There is also a cemetery on the property where patients were buried and only given numbers on a stone, no names.

The school does do tours so please call first.