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About Francena


Born in Indiana on September 12, 1972, and raised in  Texas,  I moved to Tennessee in 2011. I am a mother, a grandmother, and a sensitive soul who believes there is more to what the eye can see.

I was just a child when I had my  first unexplained experience with the paranormal. Though it happened long ago, I remember it with great detail.

When I was eight years old, I lived in Granger, Texas. I had a neighbor and friend, named Joey. I lived on eight acres of rural land, complete with pastures and ponds and open spaces. One night I heard a tap on my window. It was my friend Joey. He motioned for me to come outside and to follow him through a field that lay between our property lines.

He led me to a pond at the back of his family’s property. As children, we were never allowed to venture near this pond, so I thought it very odd that we would lead me here. As we moved closer, Joey did not stop. He stepped into the icy water and kept going in deeper and deeper. I, naturally, became frightened because he would not answer me when I asked him to explain what he was doing. Finally, I went back home.

I awoke the next morning thinking I had had the most unusual of dreams, but much to my surprise, I found dried mud between my toes! I became frightened and removed the sheets from my bed, fearful my mother would notice the mud and question me about venturing at night to a forbidden place.

Later that day Joey stopped by my house to visit. When I asked him why he came over last night and beckoned me to follow him, he seemed confused. When I described where we went, his face paled, and he dragged me to his mom and made me tell her the whole story. She too became pale and started crying. Then she pulled out a photograph. I thought it was a picture of Joey, but actually it was a picture of Joey’s older brother who had drowned in that very pond five years prior.

I have had many unexplained encounters. I have also had dreams, even conversations with ghosts, so to speak. I know there is more after we depart this life, but feel I don’t have all the answers. Therefore, I am compelled to learn all I can.

I also know some peoples experience with the paranormal can be frighting as some of mine have been as well. I wish to help if i can, at least to let people know if what they feel can be explained or at least let them know its not their imagination.


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