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Joseph Kitchens was born December 31st 1982 in Nashville Tennessee, raised in many small rural areas as well. He had developed sight for the seeing spirit as a tender age four. Seeing almost nightly a residual act of violence, that left emotional scars and even more questions. Living in a family built house located in Oak Grove Tennessee, his bedroom was located in the basement. A full apparition would appear nightly of a tall slender grey haired man dressed in either late 1800 or early 1900 style ragged clothing. The apparition would walk past the door of his bedroom and come back with a knife after him. After living there roughly four years the family moved. Joseph never had to see the tall specter again.
Since that experience he has seen many more spirits from time to time and in different places. Thus this brings him to his own interest and passion for the paranormal. Francena and he had been friends roughly nine years. After developing a deeper relationship between the two, both had started talking about paranormal phenomenons and sharing secrets and stories. So she decided why not add another fellow para Tech with sight to the team.

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