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Why do YOU Investigate Haunted Places??

Why do YOU Investigate Haunted Places??.


“VampyAnn’s Video Bites” October 12,2013 In dedicated to Robert Thomas, I miss you little man!

Notice the image that seems to quickly walk away as the gate opens….O.o….Real or?


” VampyAnns Video Bites For October 5th, 2013″


“VampyAnn’s Video Bites, for Sept. 28, 2013

Child Ghost or ? Check out a previous youtube find. Claims of ghost playing with toys. . . Or is it fake. Items being manipulated by unseen source. You be the judge. Please answer the poll or leave a comment! I tally up comments and polls the following Monday.


Security ?

This is going to be the first video I am loading for review. Pay close attention at 38-39 seconds into the video.




Mt. Olive Cemetery Nashville TN

Mt. Olive Cemetery Nashville TN